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Neal McCoy - Take a Knee My Ass

Thanks to our MP3 player, you can download Neal McCoy - Take a Knee My Ass ringtone to your phone and tablet with Android operating system, and on Ipad or Iphone, which are running iOS.


A bit about music or quote:

Of course, rock and roll will not turn back my life. But things like “Tutti Frutti” and “Long Tall Sally” to this day seem to be a kind of avant-garde. Today, this term means something else. Recently in Greenwich Village, I met a friend of Yoko, who talked about a single note as if he had just discovered it. But no avant-garde artist can prove to me that what he creates is real music. Rock and roll is the only type of musical art that has the right to exist today. And he will never lose his meaning. - John Lennon

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